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I love it!

Suzy Matthews
Personal Assistant

The Thrive Apprentice solution is so great! I struggled with Lifter LMS for months (and it was super expensive), kept having to pay for more and more addons ... but now I have this! Thank you!

How to Structure Your Course

Mary Olson

“A course outline is a roadmap for your course content. If you structure your outline well, not only will it deliver an effective learning experience for your students, it will also help you stay focused when creating your lessons.

Whether you're new to online teaching or have years of experience, you should always take time to carefully outline your course. This practice will pay off in the long run by ensuring that your content is well-structured and easy to follow.”

I deleted so many of my plugins because Thrive Suite replaced them all

Venus Franklin
Video Editor

I have been using WordPress for over 15 years and know how to use the heavy hitter themes like Genesis, but this is still my favorite tool because I honestly don't have time to keep up with all the changes and updates that the other themes require. 

If you are wanting to save yourself from the headache of those tools and learning new tools every time, then Thrive Suite is right up your alley.

Wow what a difference!

Sarah Jones
UI Designer

I found Thrive after searching/testing quiz builder plugins-- finally switched after my site broke for the 5 time from updates of Elementor & updates of the Astra starter themes---- Right now I'm using Thrive Architect the most, but planning on building out a robust site using your other plug-ins YES!!!!

I only wish I had found it sooner

Moses Carlson
Sales Assistant

There was always a technical problem with the last theme I was using. Thrive is really easy to use especially to adapt your webpage to a different format between mobile, desktop and tablet. The most useful plugin so far was the Quiz one. I bought Thrive Suite because of that awesome plugin but I look forward to trying all the others. I would definitely recommend Thrive Suite!

Anyone can do this in a single afternoon… you don’t have to be super technical, a designer, or a marketer.

Leah Mendez

This is great! I am about to launch my first course using Thrive Apprentice and I can see how useful that will be for triggering emails on completion of lessons ????. You guys are really awesome.